When it comes to selling a home, the majority of people work with realtors to sell their homes simply because that’s the way things have always been done. Not everyone has positive experiences working with realtors. Sure, they’re professionals who know what they’re doing – but it doesn’t always benefit the homeowner. If you’re tired of relisting or you’re looking to avoid the complications of the process, there are plenty of reasons why working with an investor may benefit you and is worth considering.

1. Investors Buy Homes As-Is

As-Is Property

If your home is run down, a realtor may not even want to work with you. If they do, they may request that you complete a list of repairs before they’re willing to list and promote your home. Investors will never require that of you.

When they purchase your home, they’re already aware of what needs to be fixed. They’ll draw up an offer that reflects what they’ll need to spend in repairs. You’ll never be asked to foot the bill or lift a hammer throughout the entire process.

Investors aren’t bothered by the extent of the damage. Your roof could be caving in or you could be dealing with burst pipes. Water damage, fire damage, and mold damage aren’t an issue when you work with an investor. They’ve seen it all, and they’ll work with contractors to handle the problems.

2. Investors Can Help you With Foreclosure

Home in Foreclosure

When your home is in foreclosure, you have a very short window in which you can sell your home to avoid that foreclosure from being completed. In most states, that period of time is about 90 days.

If you know you aren’t going to be able to settle your debts with your lender, you need to sell your home fast. Selling your home to avoid your home may still damage your credit history, but the blow isn’t nearly as significant as allowing the foreclosure to be completed.

Time is of the essence is in this situation. You’re trying to avoid a disaster. You may not have time to select a realtor who would be willing to take on your case, and even if you do, there’s no guarantee that the realtor you select will be able to sell your home before the clock runs out.

Investors regularly purchase homes in foreclosure, and they’re very familiar with the process. They’ll be able to help you work with your lender to arrange a short sale, and close the deal before the foreclosure period comes to an end. You might not know what to do, but an investor does. They’ll be quick to step up to the plate for you.

3. Investors Buy Homes in Bad Neighborhoods

Downtown Detroit

When you purchase a home, you can pick your neighbors. There’s no guarantee that the wonderful neighbors you moved in next to will still be there when you go to sell that home. If your neighborhood has gone downhill, it’s going to be hard to find a buyer who would be interested in your home. Even the best realtors can struggle to sell homes in high crime areas, or homes in loud city metros.

An investor isn’t going to live in your home. They don’t care about your neighbors or how loud things can get at 3 in the morning. Their goal is to purchase your home and make it so great that they’ll be able to find a buyer who won’t care either. There’s no reason for you and your realtor to search high and low when an investor is willing to take on that responsibility.

4. You’ll Never Have to Relist

Selling Home to Investor

When you work with a realtor, you enter into an agreement that the realtor will have a set amount of time to sell your home. If the home doesn’t sell before the period expires, you’ll have to relist with the same agent or restart the process and find a new agent who is better equipped for the job.

Investors aren’t looking to find someone else to purchase your home. They’re going to purchase it for themselves. There’s no searching for a buyer. The investor purchases the home directly from you, and what happens next lies solely in the hands of the investor. They’ll find a regular market buyer after they’ve prepared the property, and by then, it’s no longer an issue you’ll have to be concerned about.

5. Investors Pay in Cash

We Pay Cash for Home

Realtors can find you people who want to buy your home, but they can’t fund that buyer. Only a bank can do that. The majority of buyers don’t purchase a home entirely in cash. They need loan approval from a financial institution in order to purchase your home. Sometimes, a buyer will enter the sale process and be denied the loan. You’ll have started all of the work only to find out that the buyer can’t make the purchase after all.

Investors have their own money. They purchase homes completely in cash, and they’ll never need to be approved for a loan. What they offer you is what you’ll get. Don’t worry about hang ups or complicated escrow processes. An all cash purchase makes things so much easier.

6. The Market Doesn’t Matter

A realtor’s success rate largely depends on the housing market in the area of the home they’re trying to sell. Even the most highly qualified realtors have no say in the way the housing market is moving. It’s either up or down, and only time can regulate that. The market sinks when people aren’t interested in homes in a particular area. The buyers are there or they aren’t. When they aren’t, the realtor has no one to sell to.

Investors will buy your home and make it attractive enough to sell in a rough market, or wait it out until the market stabilizes. They’ll wait so you don’t have to. Even in the worst markets that haven’t seen growth or movement in months, investors will be willing to purchase homes.

7. No Complicated Paperwork

No Complicated Paperwork When Selling Home to an Investor

There are mountains of paperwork when you sell with a realtor. You’re not only dealing with your realtor, but also the buyer and their agent. Everyone involved has dues and stipulations. There are contracts to satisfy, and there’s escrow to set up. You’re going to be reading a lot of documents and singing on a lot of dotted lines.

When you work with an investor, this doesn’t happen. Investors buy directly from you, and there are no third parties to satisfy. Your home is transferring from one set of hands directly into another. This drastically reduces the amount of necessary paperwork. Whatever paperwork remains is typically handled by the investor.

8. No Commission Fees

Realtors don’t work for free. The average realtor will take a 6% commission on the sale of your home. In most cases, this is over $10,000. This makes the sale price deceiving. You aren’t going to get all of that money. It will be split between your agent and your buyer’s agent if they have one.

There’s no reason to deal with commission fees when you’re working with an investor. Nobody needs a cut of the sale. When you’re working with an investor, the process is as simple as buying groceries. The goods are presented, the money is exchanged, and everyone is happy in the end.

9. No Closing Costs

The closing process can rack up a lot of costs. You’ll get picked apart for odds and ends, and strange things like paperwork fees. An investor cuts a large part of that process out. The closing becomes the investor’s responsibility, and they’ll pay for anything that comes up during that time period. Since they aren’t going to ask you to pay for repairs on your own home, the offer is always exactly what it looks like. A reliable investor will never come after you to get any of that money back.

10. Quick Closing Process

All of these benefits culminate into one major benefit. The lack of agents, commissions, closing paperwork, and loans allows an investor to jump from point A to point B very quickly. Since investors already have the money they need and no one except for your investor and yourself needs to walk away satisfied by the deal, the closing process doesn’t need to take an eternity.

An investor can close on your home in a week. There’s no more waiting involved. You can start packing the moment you accept an investor’s offer, and by the time you’re done wrapping up your dishes, the sale of your home will be completed.

Getting Started

Couple Sells House

Home Buyers USA wants to be the investment company that provides you with these benefits. We’re a team of experienced professional home investors that buy properties in all corners of the country. When you decide to work with us, all you need to do is send us information about the home you want to sell. We’ll be able to respond to you with a quick cash offer and get the ball rolling right away.