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We can’t always stay in the same home forever. Whether pressing circumstances have encouraged you to sell your home or you’re simply looking to start anew in a more exciting place, selling your home will still be an involved process that can be tackled with a variety of different approaches.


Every reason you may want to sell your home comes with a different successful approach. Some reasons require that homeowners follow Colorado’s state laws on the matter. Whether it’s one reason or a combination of reasons, you’ll want to make sure you’re filing the right paperwork and selling your home in accordance with the law.


As far as traditional real estate markets go, Colorado is currently experiencing a unique trend. Tons of people are looking to move to Colorado from other states.

Many major metropolitan areas have seen a high increase in home value due to this demand. For example, single family homes in Boulder are listing for as much as one million dollars.

While this may seem like great news for homeowners, it’s really a double edged sword. The reality is that in this economy, fewer people are purchasing high-priced homes. Renting is being seen as a more feasible option to millennials, as the increase in home value is pricing out the generation.

Colorado's Rocky Mountains

Rocky Mountains



If you live in the middle of a major metropolitan area and your home is very desirable, you may be able to sell your home in one to two months through a real estate agent. Homes in the heart of Denver, for example, sell within 36 days of listing. With typical real estate commission in the state of Colorado sitting at about 5.2%, it’s important to note that the increase in value won’t directly translate into profits from your sale.

If you live in an area where homes are in demand, you’ll probably find that it’s easy to price your home at a number you’re happy with. The only issue you may experience is that the listing price of your home is more likely to be out of the budget of the individuals who it will most appeal to.

This means your house can sit on the market for a while before you find a buyer that will work out. After that, you still need to go through the closing process. If you don’t have that kind of time to work with, you do have other options.

Sell Through a Realtor
For Sale by Owner


If you think you can handle the sale on your own, you can always choose to sell your home yourself. In this scenario, you’ll have to pay to advertise and stage your home out of your own pocket. You’ll also need to use the appropriate contracts and legal forms. The Colorado Real Estate Commission offers a standardized contract for free, but both parties may require the help of a hired lawyer to navigate the legalese in the paperwork.

If you need a special contract for your private sale, you may need to have one drawn up by a lawyer. This is especially necessary for your protection if your home has any major defects that you don’t want a buyer to take you to court for later on down the road. It’s better to have this contract drawn up than it is to wind up in the middle of a lawsuit should a buyer claim you misrepresented the property.

There may be certain circumstances under which a home is difficult to sell. If you’re working within extreme time constraints, facing foreclosure, or your home has significant defects, you may not be able to wait for a buyer to come along. If you cannot afford to repair your home or make it attractive to buyers, there’s always the option of selling your home to an investor.


Investors pay less for homes, but they’ll buy homes in any condition. You don’t need a real estate agent to work with an investor, and there’s no reason to stage or advertise the property when you’re privately contacting someone who intends to renovate the properties they purchase. If your home is tied up in the court system, investors may be able to help you navigate the process through a short sale.

Investors don’t intend to live in your home. They intend to either resell the property or rent it out to new tenants. Investment is a business, and in order to keep that business running, investors need to turn a profit.

Selling your home to an investor will probably work out great for you if you live in Colorado. Since the market value for homes has gone up in many areas, an investor is going to offer you something closer to the original market value of your home. You won’t be taking a large personal loss.

Since investors pay cash for homes, you won’t have to worry about showing the home and vetting buyers. You don’t have to work with a team of people to complete the transaction or wait for closing the same way you would with a real estate agent.

Selling to an investor is also the fastest way to sell your property when you have repairs or code violations to contend with, as you don’t need to wait for construction to be completed before you can sell your home. The investor will handle that.

It also expedites the sale process if you’re experiencing significant financial difficulties or facing a foreclosure. It cuts the middle-man out of the process and takes you directly from the beginning to the end.

Real Estate Investor Offer
Does your home need repairs?


Buyers often fail to see the charm in properties that need a lot of repairs. When they’re shopping for a home, they’re looking for something they can easily see themselves moving into. They aren’t willing to pay fair market value for a home that has structural defects or is largely out of date. This gives you two options: repair the house, or take a cut and sell it as is if you find a buyer who is willing to pay for the repairs.

Some repairs are worthwhile, but you need to have the cash on hand to pay for them. If you have the budget and time to handle repairs, you may want to handle a few of the big ones. Roofs are one of the most important structural aspects of a home to a potential buyer. The average cost of a roof repair for Colorado’s region of the country is $5,043. If you’re willing to invest that amount of money, it may help your home sell faster. Read more


A good investor will be candid with you about what they intend to do, and present an offer to either the homeowner or the court (in the event of a short sale or foreclosure). Reliable investors will be able to explain how they came to that sum, and why the offer is fair.

Don’t sign any kind of paperwork until you’re sure the investor you’re working with is reliable. An investor won’t have you sign papers in your home or at their offices. They’ll want it signed with at a third party office with witnesses.

If you’re not sure what something means, investigate investors and their sale contracts. It always helps to run a search on the company’s name and find individuals who have worked with them before. Testimonials count for a lot.

Selling your home is a big deal. An investor shouldn’t make you feel uneasy, and with an investment so large, there’s no sense in taking chances. You can never be too skeptical if you feel like something doesn’t add up with an investment company.

A good company will understand that a homeowner wouldn’t risk something as important as their home, and will be available to answer any and all questions you have about the investment process.


What to Do in Foreclosure

In Colorado, lenders have the option of choosing a judicial foreclosure or a nonjudicial foreclosure. For cost efficiency, most lenders opt for the nonjudicial foreclosure.Read more

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What to do if you're in Probate

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What to do if Home needs repairs

Buyers often fail to see the charm in properties that need a lot of repairs. When they’re shopping for a home, they’re looking for something they can easily see themselves moving into. Read more

Working with a legitimate Investor

Home Buyers USA is comprised of a team of individuals who have years of experience buying homes in a variety of conditions, under a variety of circumstances. We know you’re stressed out, and you need help from a reliable source. We’re prepared to do whatever we can to simplify the process for you, helping you sell your home the fastest and easiest way possible.

We know how to work with the court to sell homes in probate or foreclosure. We’re prepared to repair any damage to properties in bad shape, whether the home was wrecked by awful tenants or struck by a disaster.

Contact us with information about your current circumstances and you’re home. We’ll be able to provide you with a cash offer and assist you through the selling process. The faster you get in touch with us, the faster the process can be completed.





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