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Missouri’s neutral real estate market has posed unique challenges for a lot of homeowners. If you feel as though the market is stagnating in your area, your assessment may very well be correct. If you want to successfully sell your home in a reasonable time-frame, you’ll need to investigate what options are open to you in your current situation.


There are a multitude of ways in which a home can be sold. Knowing how to weigh the pros and cons of your situation against the methods you have available to you will lead you to the right decision.



The median home value in Missouri sits at a modest $134,500. The average real estate commission for the state is at 5.2%. This means homeowners can expect to pay a real estate agent about $7,000 out of the sale for successfully selling their homes. Homes in the St. Louis metro typically go for around $143,100, so people with homes in this area can expect to fork over about $7,500 in commission.

Property values in Missouri are still relatively low, as the state is still making a slow recovery from the recession. The numbers may seem disheartening on the surface, but they’ve actually gone up in the past few years. It’s not as bad as it used to be, but it’s certainly not that great. The market is in a neutral stance, and homes aren’t moving as fast as they used to.

Many homeowners aren’t selling their homes through a real estate agent because they feel as though it isn’t worth it. The combination of low home values as relatively high commissions are making people with great properties less likely to sell, and people who aren’t selling aren’t moving. This means that Missouri homeowners who do want to sell may have a hard time finding someone who is actively looking to buy. This creates a seemingly unsolvable conundrum for many homeowners who choose to list with a real estate agent.

Sell Through a Realtor
For Sale by Owner


If you don’t want to list with an agent, you may decide to go the “For Sale By Owner” route. The only issue that lies with this solution is the fact that it will cost you money. Real estate agents take their payday out of the back end – you don’t give them anything up front. When you sell the home yourself, you’re going to have to pay for everything.

Your listing fees, advertising costs, and home staging will all come directly from your pocket. You’ll also be responsible for drawing up the legal paper associated with a sale, and sometimes this means paying a lawyer to work on these documents.

You’re dealing with a slow moving market, whether you sell on your own and or with an agent. Another thing you’ll need to consider is the fact that you’ll still be paying the mortgage, property taxes, bills, and maintenance costs for the property until it sells in the slow market.


Investors buy homes quickly, and with cash. If you have the time and money to list through traditional means, that’s great news. If you don’t, an investor may be your best option. If you find your home isn’t selling, or you notice that your neighbors have had “for sale” signs in their yards for a disproportionately long period of time, it may be wise to choose an investor.

In the current market, the fastest way to sell a home in Missouri is to sell it to an investor. The traditional market isn’t moving as fluidly as it should be, and it may be a while before things turn around. While they’re slowly getting better, you may not have time to wait a few years for the market to fully recover before attempting to sell your home.

The only downside to working with investors is that they won’t offer you fair market value on your home. They intend to buy it quickly, renovate it, and sell or rent it to someone else. In some situations, this has a lot more pros than cons. You won’t have to spend any money repairing or renovating your home, and the waiting game for a buyer becomes the investor’s burden – not yours. With the market the way it is, a lot of homes are selling for offers that are less than market value, so the financial outcome may not be too different than if you were to sell in another way.

Real Estate Investor Offer


Home buying scams pop up all over the place, because real estate is a high value transaction. Whenever there’s a lot of money to be exchanged, there’s an unsavory character waiting to get their hands in the mix. Most scams are spotted and stopped quickly, but that doesn’t mean that shady companies cannot approach you with offers that seem too good to be true.

Before you decide to work with a home investment company, make sure you fully understand exactly what you’re signing when you agree to sell. A legitimate investor won’t ask you to sign documents in your home that are written in complicated language that you don’t understand. Always fully review a contract of any kind.

No investor is going to offer you fair market value for your home, because they intend to make a profit after they’ve put work into your home. A legitimate investor will explain these numbers to you, and show you how they’ve calculated the facts and figures related to the offer on your home. Transparency is a great sign, so it’s best to make sure your investor is as transparent as possible. They should be willing to take the time to answer any questions you have and familiarize you with the home investment process.

Use the internet to research investment companies you may be interested in working with. Many people share reviews of products and services on the internet, and a legitimate investor will provide you with reliable avenues to read the feedback of homeowners who have worked with them in the past. If something seems fishy, you can always contact the consumer protection division of the Missouri Attorney General’s office about investors who appear to be misleading you.


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Working with a legitimate Investor

Home Buyers USA is comprised of a team of highly experienced people who have been buying homes in any condition under a variety of circumstances.

We understand that the situations that often lead people to choose an investor as a method of sale can be stressful, and we’re prepared to do anything we can to help you navigate the process.

We may be able to work with your lender to arrange a short sale, and we can help you sell your home before a foreclosure is finalized.

All you need to do is contact us the moment you know you’ll need our help. Provide us with details about your situation and your home, and we’ll be able to give you a quick cash offer. You can sell your home easily and safely to us.




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