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Selling luxury homes in bustling Nevada cities can sometimes be quick work. The average home in the average city usually won’t fare as well. If you’re familiar with the Nevada housing market, you know that selling is difficult. The unpredictable highs and lows of the market complicate the process, leaving many homeowners frustrated. No matter what factors are out of your control, there’s always a way to sell your home.


Certain reasons for selling your home may require court processes, and other reasons may make your home difficult to sell, but there’s a lid for every pot. Understanding the variables you’re contending with and the legal requirements associated with these variables will make it easier to sell your home.



The median home value in Nevada is at $218,000. This spans from a low of $175,200 in Pahrump to a high of $283,300 in Reno. With most Nevada realtors utilizing the standard 6% commission rate, this means that you can expect to lose anywhere between $10,500 and $17,000 in agent fees. Those fees only apply if a realtor can sell your home, and with the current market in Nevada, that’s a big maybe.

The market has been a constant rollercoaster since 2011. It hit peak performance in mid 2010, and it hasn’t been the same since. It’s had ups and downs, but even the highest ups are remarkably lower than the lowest downs that began to occur in 2011. The market hasn’t come close to fully rebounded, and growth is relatively slow. If this prospect seems intimidating to you, it may be worthwhile to investigate your other options.

Sell Through a Realtor
For Sale by Owner


Selling your home by owner may not turn out much better. Since the average listing sits on the market for about 72 days before being sold, 14% of those listings are subject to price cuts before selling, and 21% of homes sell for below the previous sale price, the outlook is bleak. It may seem tempting to dodge realtor fees or expired listings and attempt to sell the home on your own, but doing so may wind up costing you.

Staging, listing, advertising, and showing a home come built into the commission that a real estate agent takes out of the back end of the sale. If you don’t like the outlook of working with an agent, you’re going to have to spend that money up front. In an unpredictable market with a history of large drops, you could be spending for a long time before you find the right buyer.

If you have a highly desirable property in an area with better movement, this may not be the case. People who can afford to make a big move seek out affluent areas, and are actively looking for homes that can fetch top dollar. If your home is in a perfect state of repair, completely modernized, and located in an upscale area, you shouldn’t have many concerns about selling your home through traditional means – or even by owner.


If you don’t find yourself in that category and you’re not seeing the silver lining, you always have the option of selling to an investor. Investors turn undesirable properties into these hot listings, so they’re looking to purchase homes fast that demonstrate potential – even if it will take a lot of cash to get them there.

Because of this, investors often offer less than full market value for a home. In the end, nobody actually sees full market value anyway, and this trade-off can ultimately be what helps you sell your property.

Incredible homes sell a lot faster than unremarkable homes, but the waiting time is still nearly an entire season. In a market like Nevada’s, you may have to relist your home several times before finding a buyer, sending you back to square one on a continual loop. If you don’t have that time to wait and your property isn’t considered highly desirable, finding a cash buyer who doesn’t care about the condition of the home is the best means to an end.

Investors, for example, pay in cash. They don’t care whether or not a home has been repaired, renovated, or staged. They’ll develop their own vision regarding your home, and they’ll purchase it if they can make that vision come to life. You don’t have to worry about spending anything, and you’re not confined to riding out the bumps of the Nevada housing market. Investors buy in cash, and they buy quickly.

Real Estate Investor Offer


Nevada has seem an alarming number of home investment scams, particularly in the Las Vegas area. As disheartening as it may be, scams do happen across a variety of industries. When it comes to the sale of your home, you want to protect yourself. Your home is a valuable asset, and you don’t want to be put through the wringer.

Thankfully, the internet makes it easy to spot scammers. Companies with a shady reputation will also have a string of reviews and testimonials from people who feel as though they’ve been duped. If a company turns out to be reputable, you’ll find reviews that speak the opposite.

Ask as many questions as you need to ask, and never sign anything you don’t understand. A reputable investor knows everything about the process, and will be happy to explain things to you. If at any point, a home investor dodges questions, asks you to sign documents in private, or discourages you from reading any paperwork, that’s a sign that you shouldn’t place your trust in that company.


What to Do in Foreclosure

The majority of Nevada foreclosures are nonjudicial, and they begin with a specific notice. If you’ve received your 60 day Danger Notice from your Nevada lender, you’re running a race against a ticking clock to resolve the situation. Read more

What to do as a Landlord

A property without tenants is ready to be sold. If there are people currently living in it, you’ll need to get them out before anyone will purchase the property. If the tenants living in the property always pay rent on time and don’t cause you trouble, you may not be able to formally evict them. If this is the case, tell them what’s going on. Read more

What to do if you're in Probate

If you weren’t already aware, not every property is subject to the full probate process. If you’re about to get it started, see if you can’t utilize Nevada’s simplified probate process. This works for any estate that doesn’t exceed $300,000 in value. Read more

What to do if Home needs repairs

You don’t actually need to repair a property in order to sell it, no matter how damaged it may be. If you have some extra cash to work with and you’d like your property to command a higher value, it may not hurt to invest a little bit getting the place in shape.  Read more

Working with a legitimate Investor

Home Buyers USA is proud of our track record for assisting homeowners seeking the services of a home investor. In most cases, homeowners turn to investment companies because their property is a difficult sell, or they find themselves in financial jeopardy.

We’re familiar with these situations, and we know how stressful and emotionally taxing they can be. We’d love to answer any questions you may have, and explain to you how we might be able to help.

After you contact us with relevant information about your property and your situation, we’ll be able to have one of our experienced experts prepare a cash offer for your home. We know you want to sell fast, and we want to buy fast. Every moment you wait is a moment lost, so contact us as soon as you require assistance.




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