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The North Carolina real estate market has experienced its fair share of turmoil, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to sell a home. No matter the condition of your home or the situation you may be in, there’s always a way to successfully sell your home. All you need to do is make sure you understand what your options are, and how to act in accordance with North Carolina law when it comes to more pressing matters.


Whether you want to sell your home for economical reasons, legal reasons, or leisurely reasons, the process may have some stipulations you’re required by law to follow. Make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into before you start packing up your boxes.



In North Carolina, the median home value currently sits at $153,300. This spans from a low average of $104,400 in Fayetteville, to a high average of $306,700 in Cary. At the standard 6% rate of realtor commissions, this means you’ll be handing over anywhere between $6,300 and $18,400 to your agent after the sale of your home, provided the property actually sells for its market value.

Due to the current real estate market health in North Carolina, only hot listings are selling within the first 75 days. Other properties are falling by the wayside, and hitting price cut after price cut on the way down. If this is your main concern, or if you’ve already found yourself in this situation, you may be grasping at straws in search of a sale method that will work for your undesirable or hard to sell property.

Sell Through a Realtor


North Carolina homes have not completely rebounded from the real estate collapse. With 13% of listings seeing at least one price cut, and 18.5% of homes selling for less than their previous sale price.

The toll you’re paying may turn out to be far larger than what you had initially expected. Price cuts and lower sale values are on the rise, thanks to the current conditions of the housing market. Market health is below average, and the typical listing time is about 75 days. Within that time frame, homes either sell, relist, or expire without being relisted.

Ideal homes sell for more money, and in a much shorter time-frame. Homes that need work, homes that are in bad neighborhoods, and homes that haven’t been renovated in the past decade will usually sit on the market for much longer.

Chapel Hill North Carolina

Chapel Hill

For Sale by Owner


If you’re feeling ambitious enough and you aren’t intimidated by all of the paperwork, you can always attempt to sell your home by owner. If your home is high value and will be easy to sell, you may choose to go that route. It won’t require much advertising to sell a property that buyers would consider to be the highly sought after variety. If you know your house is about to grow wings and fly right off the market, this may be a feasible option.

If your home won’t be an easy sell, selling alone can be difficult and expensive. You’ll have to take on all the costs your real estate agent would typically adopt on your behalf. This includes staging costs, as well as fees for advertisement and listing. After you’ve spent money promoting your home, you can also expect it to sell for far less – sometimes as much as 25% less without the help of an agent.


If neither of these options seem as though they’ll suit your needs, you always have the option of calling up a home investor. Home investors don’t much care about the factors of a home that reduce its value or make it difficult to sell. In fact, difficult properties are specifically what they’re looking to purchase. They won’t offer full market value, but virtually no sale method will result in the buyer receiving full market value for their home – especially not in North Carolina’s market.

If speed is a concern, there’s always home investment companies. They aren’t going to offer you full market value, but at least they’ll make you an offer. The longer your home sits on the market, the lower your sale price will drop. In the end, it’s nearly the same as what an investor would offer, only you’re actually selling your rather than waiting around.

Investors buy homes fast with cash, and emphasize the speed of the process. If you’re trying to avoid foreclosure, settle an estate, or move out of a damaged home, investors are your best option. They don’t care about the condition of the property because they’re going to renovate it regardless. You don’t need to wait for repairs to be completed, or for a buyer to come through.

Real Estate Investor Offer


Home investors want to purchase your home quickly with a cash offer. Any investors who offer frilly promises, other than offering to consult with the court or your lender in times of financial hardship, are likely up to no good. Investors don’t usually propose rent to own schemes, or ask you to sign the title over to them so they can sell a home on our behalf. Legitimate investors want to own your home outright, and use it for their own purposes.

A great investor will be able to tell you exactly what that purpose is, and how they prepared their offer. They’ll never ask you to sign confusing documents in private, or ask you for any money in a continual contract. You want an investor that’s transparent, and backed by the reviews of satisfied customers. A quick web search can help you determine whether or not a company has a good reputation.

There are plenty of investors who are really willing to help you, and it’s natural for these investors to make a profit in the process. Home investment is a business. You want to work with an investor who treats you as an equal, rather than a money making opportunity. Report any shady investor to the North Carolina Consumer Protection Division by calling their hotline or contacting them via their website.


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Working with a legitimate Investor

Home Buyers USA may be able to help you. We know it’s hard to find a reliable investor, and that time is of the essence for most homeowners. If your property has been difficult to sell or is caught up in probate or foreclosure, we’ll work as fast as we can to prepare you a cash offer for your property.

A lot of the circumstances that prompt homeowners to contact a home investor are stressful, and we’re happy to take some of the burden off of your shoulders.

Contact us as soon as you know you need the help of an investor. Provide us with an outline of your situation, and some details regarding your property. One of our experienced home investment experts will be able to draw you up an offer as quickly as possible.

We’re available to answer any questions you may have about the home investment process, and what it means for your property.




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