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A lot goes into selling a home, no matter what you reasons for selling may be. Sometimes, urgent situations prompt homeowners to make quick decisions about the sale of their homes. Other times, homeowners approach the sale process with leisure. Your approach should depend on your situation, and there’s usually a clear path to success for every scenario. Understanding what rights you have under Utah law is key for a seamless sale.


There are a multitude of reasons why you may want to sell, some of which may involve more complicated procedures than others. Sales that are totally voluntary at their core are usually the easiest, but sales that spring from unfortunate scenarios or pressing time constraints to move may be a little trickier.



As far as real estate agents go, it’s worth crunching some numbers. In Utah, the average realtor commission comes in at 5.2%. The most common way to list a home in Utah is through the Realtor’s Multiple Listing Service, which is generally 6% commission.

With the median home value for the entire state of Utah at $229,200, and a median value of $248,500 specific to the Salt Lake City area, homeowners in Utah can expect to hand over between $13,000 and $15,000 in sale proceeds to their real estate agent. For desirable homes, the market is running very smoothly in many parts of Utah – especially close to the Salt Lake City metropolitan area.

If you have a great home that features current design and isn’t in need of any repairs, you can probably sell the home through an agent within 2 months, completing the process in a total of 3 to 4 months when you include closing. Highly desirable homes will sell for full market value, and you’ll get what’s left over after your agent is paid commission.

Sell Through a Realtor
For Sale by Owner


If you know your home will be easy to sell and you want to avoid paying that commission, you can sell your home by-owner. Instead of paying a real estate agent to list, stage, and advertise your home, you’ll do that all on your own.

Well staged homes will generally fetch much more, as buyers are easily able to see themselves in a home that’s made to look welcoming. It may be worthwhile to stage your home. You can hire a professional staging company or paint and decorate on your own to save a few bucks.

You’ll have to pay for listing and advertisement, and you’ll have to perform the actual work of showing the home, but it won’t be nearly as much as realtor commission. You may want to consider springing for a home appraisal to help you price your home.

In Utah, this will set you back about $450, but that’s a modest price to pay when you consider how much you’ll save. Homes for sale by owner can take about a year to sell, so this option is great for people who are in no rush. Selling your own by owner can take up to a year, but you won’t have to pay commission. This is a longer process, but if you have the time to wait, it could be worth it.


All of this is great news for sellers with great homes in desirable locations who can afford to wait on a sale to be closed, but not everyone will be in that boat. For homes that are in dire need of renovation or repairs, things may not be so easy.

Out of date or run down homes cannot command full market value, as the majority of buyers are looking for homes that are move-in ready. They don’t want to incur additional expenses having to fix or modify the home.

If you have a large budget to facilitate these repairs and renovations, that’s excellent. If you don’t, you can always sell your home to an investor. Investors buy properties that are in need of work with the intent of completing the work themselves.

Investors will deduct the cost of the work from fair market value of your home, and present that to you as an offer. If you can’t wait or can’t afford it, this is the best way to break even.


Selling to a cash buyer who is willing to purchase the home as-is will always be the fastest method of selling your home. It doesn’t require any work or waiting around on your end. The cash buyer is responsible for repairing the property and making things look nice, so you won’t have to spend any time or money handling things on that end.

Property investors don’t offer full market value however, but you’re getting a beneficial trade-off. You can sell as quickly as humanly possible, save the expenses, and move on with your life. If you’re experiencing dire financial trouble that can lead to foreclosure (or already has), or the damage to your property is unfixable in your current situation, an investor will purchase your property "as-is" through an expedited sale process.

Real Estate Investor Offer


Some shady investors may offer you deals that seem wonderful on the surface, but you need to consider why a business would be so generous when they need to turn a profit. It’s imperative that you're sure you're working with a legitimate company. Working with an unreliable investor can have consequences similar to being stolen from.

Working with nationally recognized investors is far safer than working with an individual who has popped up out of the woodwork offering you cash for your home. Reliable home investment companies will be available to work with the courts should you be selling your home as a short sale or foreclosure alternative. They won’t ask you to privately sign documents or conceal any information.

Never sign anything unless you’re absolutely sure of what you’re agreeing to. You may think you’re alleviating your debt by working with an investor, but unclear contracts can actually implicate you in crimes such as short sale fraud. Legitimate investors will never put you in jeopardy. They’ll be completely transparent about why they’re offering what they’re offering and what they intend to do with your home once they purchase it.

They’ll also be able to answer any and all questions you have about the process in a way that’s easy for you to understand, free from confusing jargon that muddles the process. Make sure you have a clear answer to every question, and look up testimonials from other homeowners who have used an investment company in the past.

A little research can save you a lot of trouble. The Utah Department of Securities acts as a safeguard against all kinds of investment scams – including those that prey on property. If you believe you’ve spotted something shady, contact them about the matter.


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Working with a legitimate Investor

Even if you’re voluntarily selling your home to build a new life in a location you love more, selling your home is a complicated, arduous, and daunting process. At Home Buyers USA, we know that.

Most of the homeowners we work with have found themselves in a difficult position, and they’re looking for the simplest solution to their problem. Since we have a vast catalog of experience when it comes to buying homes in trying situations, we’re prepared to help you.

Contact us as soon as you know you’ll need our help. Provide us with details about your situation and the property in question. We may be able to provide you with a quick cash offer, helping you draw a stressful matter to a swift conclusion.

Acting fast is essential in order to prevent debt from growing worse, and we’ll do everything we can to help you resolve your situation in the shortest time-frame possible.





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