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Many people in other states dream of retiring in Florida, but a lot of people living in the state dream of retiring anywhere else. The Florida real estate market has been a very bumpy road for a number of years, with unpredictable highs and lows. If you’re looking to sell your Florida home, all you need to do is approach the sale process in a way that’s cohesive with your current situation.


We help Florida home owners in difficult situations every year

Other than deciding that you want a change of scenery, most reasons you would want to sell your home will require some special considerations on your part. Always make sure you check with Florida law about the proper way to sell a home under unique circumstances.



With the average real estate commission being 5.4% and the median home value being $191,300 statewide, you can expect to pay up over $10,000 after the sale of your home. If you live in a great neighborhood, this is the reality you’re facing. While this is the median home value, it can be a little misleading. Certain parts of Florida are home to very expensive, luxury properties. Other parts of the state are on a completely different side of the spectrum.

In areas like Pasco county, homes are valued very low and aren’t selling as quickly. In cities like Holiday and Port Richey, most of the properties are valued under $60,000 and are sitting in a very cold market. Things are slightly better in the Tampa, Clearwater, Saint Petersburg metropolitan area, and along the coast in resort towns. The nature coast, north Florida, and central Florida outside of Orlando will generally see very meager home values.

If you live away from these major cities and resort towns, you’ll probably experience difficulty selling your home with a real estate agent. The economy has encouraged more families to opt for rental properties or apartments, as purchasing a low-value home that’s out of date becomes more of a project than a place to live.

Sell Through a Realtor
For Sale by Owner


Rather than running through real estate contracts until they’ve expired, some Florida homeowners prefer to sell their homes by owner. This means the homeowner is responsible for preparing and showing the home, and will pick up the tab for advertising and maintenance costs until the home has sold.

If you can’t afford it, don’t want to wait, or have realized that the repairs aren’t worth it, you can still sell the home. Home investors take property in any condition. They won’t offer you full market value, but it’s often a guaranteed sale. They’ll pay in cash and take on all of the repairs themselves. It’s a great alternative if you want to avoid treading in murky financial territory.


As of late March 2016, home sales drastically plummeted. New research by JP Morgan suggests that the probably of another recession starting within the next two years is startlingly high, and foreclosures are already disproportionately common in the state of Florida.

Things aren’t getting better, so if you want to sell, you need to do so as quickly as possible. With no buyers on the market in many areas, both selling through a realtor and selling by owner aren’t very feasible options. The Florida real estate market is in trouble, and if you’re looking to get out, it’s best that you act quickly.

The majority of people listing through traditional methods have spent a disproportionate amount of time trying to sell their home. Turning to an investor is your best alternative. Waiting around puts you at risk of the market getting worse, making your property even harder to sell than it already is.

South Beach Florida

South Beach Florida


Investors will purchase your home fast less the cost of necessary repairs and renovations, and buy it in cash. Leave the hard stuff to the investors – especially if your prime concern is getting your home sold and moving away.

Florida is full of shady home investors. The bad market, low home values, and constant collapses have drawn them in. They see an opportunity in a vulnerable homeowner, and they’re ready to strike. Commonly, these investors will offer to purchase your home and allow you to remain living in it. No legitimate investor would actually do this.

These investors intend to become your landlord, and charge you more than your monthly mortgage rate to live there. They know you can’t afford it, and they’re waiting to evict you after they’ve backed you into a corner. They’re taking advantage of you, and adding insult to injury.

Always research any home investment company before you decide to work with them. Choose someone with a lot of experience, and check out reviews that other homeowners have left for them. Legitimate investors will always offer you less than fair market value for your home, but they’ll be able to tell you how they calculated that offer. They’ll never ask you to sign confusing documents in private, and they’ll always be willing to answer your questions about how the process works.

Real Estate Investor Offer


Home Buyers USA is a home investment team with many years of experience. We’ve dealt with a large variety of homeowners, all of whom were selling homes for different reasons. We have a wide range of expertise, and we’d like to be able to use it to help you sell your home. If you’re looking for the quickest and easiest way to sell, we’re here to offer that to you.

We know that selling a home is stressful, and we understand that when most homeowners choose to go through an investor, it’s because they’re facing unfortunate circumstances. You may have a lot of questions about what lies ahead, and we’re more than glad to answer these questions for you.

Contact us with information about your property and your current situation. We’ll be able to prepare a quick cash offer for your home. Whether your property is in bad shape, facing foreclosure, or simply not selling on the traditional market, we may be interested in purchasing it.


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